Whether you want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a soothing foot therapy,


you want to to work deeply with your physical pain or the areas of your mental, emotional and spiritual life that need attention, this is the place for you. 

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client.

From a  'one time only' treatment to a lengthy and consistent treatment plan, the work you will receive is carried out by a qualified, extensively trained therapist who cares deeply about the well being of her clients. 

​         * Difficulties such as

         * chronic physical pain, 

         * ADD / ADHD
         * anxiety
         * stress
         * depression

         * grief from loss

         * transitions from being a child to a teenager or

         * teenager to becoming an adult or

         * from working life to retirement

         * life questions and decisions that require a listening ear

can be addressed during the treatment in a holistic, inclusive manner, bridging the gap between body - mind - emotions.  

More and more research is being conducted in the fields of the body / mind connection and the benefits such an approach provides for people suffering from pain. 

Adriana has worked for over 16 years combining varying aspects of healing into her sessions, continuously educating herself and fine tuning her way of working with people from all backgrounds , walks of life and ages. To her, such an approach is not new, but is finally being recognized by the scientific community, making it even more exciting. 


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