The Approach  

Each Therapy is powerful on its own. Often it is sufficient to simply experience Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, or Energy Work to restore the body to homeostasis.

Other times, chronic conditions, excess stress, emotional trauma, or mental imbalances require a more varied, individualized approach that integrates psycho- therapeutic explorations, emotional release techniques or even shamanic healing approaches in order to bring about deeper awareness and healing. With awareness, choices previously unacknowledged may present themselves, empowering the individual to make clear decisions which in turn can positively influence their life and release the imbalances.  Please note that this is NOT psychotherapy, but a body focused approach to healing which integrates talk as an option to (w)holistic  healing.   

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Every second of the day our body works to support us in all that we do. Our food and exercise choices, attitudes, mental and emotional states and our capacity to relax and accept ourselves….all affect the way our body works. Our body expresses itself mostly in feelings; light and strong or full of aches and pains, as well as in chronic conditions, energized or fatigued, and even in our weight and skin condition. Often we confuse the messages our body gives us and we try to get rid of anything that feels uncomfortable. We try to silence the messenger before we even take the time to hear the message. Imagine if we chose to listen instead, to explore and even befriend the unease, and learn to understand the language of the body in order to discern its messages and vibrations more fully. 

The focus of a session at “Whole Body Works” is to understand – through body focused therapies such as Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Cranio Sacral sessions , Energy work and Shamanic Practices- how you can support your body. Mental and emotional aspects of your life are integrated into a session in order to examine the way you live, the way you perceive certain incidents, and to unravel the stories that you have created in the past which may no longer be supporting your deeper self.  Memories stored by the body can restrict you physically (chronic ailments): recalling, reliving and releasing of these memories can assist the letting go of these restrictions. Re- examining, re-framing, and accepting your choices are all part of the journey to heal. In this way the mind and heart work in harmony with the body so that you can live in a fuller, healthier and more integrated way.